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  • 08:00 - 08:45

    Registration & Coffee in the Exhibition Area

  • 08:45-08:50

    Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Alexander Zschaler - RVP DACH & CEE - FIVETRAN

  • 08:50-09:00

    Speed Networking – Making new connections at CDAO Germany!


    During this 10-minute networking session, the aim of the game is to go and meet two people you don't already know.  Have fun! 

  • 09:00-09:30

    Panel Discussion: How Should We Plan for Future AI Projects Based on What We Have Learnt So Far?

    • Given the rapid advancements in AI, how can we ensure that ethical guidelines evolve concurrently to address emerging challenges, and what role should international collaborations play in this? 
    • How can future AI projects be designed to be sustainable, considering environmental, economic, and social impacts? What are the best practices from recent projects that can guide this? 
    • What have we learned about the effectiveness of current regulatory frameworks for AI? What changes or improvements are necessary to better govern future AI development and deployment? 
    • From what we've learned so far, what should our long-term vision and goals for AI be, and how do we align current projects with this vision? 



    Maxmilian Hudlberger, Lead Data Scientist 



    Victor Tremols, Head of Data Analytics & AI Collaboration- 



    Aleksejs Plotnikovs, EMEA Lead, Data Governance, Analytics and AI  



    Rebeca Menegoli, Data Governance & Data Science  

    PAGONXT (a Santander company) 

  • 09:30-10:00

    Presentation: With AI into the Data-Driven Future of RTL Germany

    Karin Immenroth - Chief Data & Analytics Officer  - RTL DEUTSCHLAND  


    Karin will provide an outlook on how RTL Germany uses (Gen)AI to become a data-driven company: AI is an integral part of the streaming platform RTL+ ever since. Karin will show how knowledge engineering contributes to higher customer satisfaction and user engagement. Furthermore, she illustrates what new opportunities arise for RTL Germany using GenAI, and how AI use cases are being strategically developed by RTL Data and the AI Circle. 


  • 10:00-10:30

    Presentation: How Can You Crack the Code to Make Your SAP Data Easily Accessible for Your Organization

    Richard Brouwer - Principal Engineering Director - FIVETRAN


    Unlocking the potential of SAP data is crucial for organizational success, yet navigating its complexities within the Modern Data Stack can be like solving a puzzle. This presentation offers an educational adventure into seamlessly integrating, transforming, and analyzing SAP data using cutting-edge tools and technologies. Dive into the intricacies of SAP objects, explore innovative accelerators and self-build options, discover diverse sourcing methods, and uncover the pitfalls and considerations along the journey to mastering SAP data within the Modern Data Stack.  

    • Mapping the Landscape: Identifying diverse data integration challenges 
    • Analyzing Obstacles: Understanding the root causes and complexities of integration challenges 
    • Strategies for Success: Exploring effective methodologies and best practices for overcoming integration hurdles 
    • Building Expertise: Equipping participants with practical knowledge and tools to excel in data integration efforts 
  • 10:30-11:00

    Mid-Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

  • 11:00-12:45


  • 11:00-11:45
    Panel Discussion-1

    Discussion Group A: How can you build a seamless culture of data literacy and leadership to achieve unstoppable business success?

    - -

    • What training methods are user-friendly and encourage effective data interpretation among all team members? 
    • How can organizations nurture a leadership mindset that recognizes data as a strategic asset? 
    • Why is it essential to change the perception of data, ensuring accessibility for everyone, not just analysts? 
    • What is the significance of seamlessly combining data literacy and leadership to foster innovation and propel business growth?


    Maksat Amangeldiyev, Director Fintech Analytics DELIVERY HERO 


    Andrew Spires, EMEA Lead – Data Integrity  



    Sebastian Kranz, CTO  

    QNIT AG 


    Timo Mühlhausen, Director of Data Driven X Factory Automation  


  • 11:45-12:15

    Presentation: Delighting Customers – Driven by Data Analytics & AI

    Eike Brechmann - Head of Technical Excellence - ALLIANZ PARTNERS


    As an assistance and insurance company, it is essential for Allianz Partners to support our customers in critical situations when they need us the most and provide them with an impeccable and seamless service. Measuring customer satisfaction is therefore key to further enhance and improve our processes and services. Using data analytics and AI we identify major pain points as well as improvement levers and quantify the impact of the proposed actions. At the same time, data analytics and AI are also at the core of many such improvement actions, e.g., to reduce wait times on the phone. 


  • 12:15-12:45

    Customer Case Studies: Unleashing the Power of Data & Transforming Business through AI and Analytics 




    In this session we will showcase the transformative impact of AI and analytics on businesses, based on real customer use cases from: 

    • Vorwerk 
    • Schwabenhaus 
    • Weber Betonwerke 
    • Barmherzige Brüder  
    • Charité 


    Discover how they are harnessing the power of data to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences and achieve sustainable growth in the era of digital transformation. 


    Join this session and learn how organizations can gain a competitive advantage using data-driven strategies. 


    Markus Grau, Enterprise Architect, Office of the CTO - PURE STORAGE 


    Markus Brüstle, Big Data & IoT Specialist 


  • 11:00-12:45


  • 11:00-11:45
    Panel Discussion-1

    Discussion Group B: Building Consumer Trust through Ethical AI Adoption

    • In the pursuit of establishing consumer trust, what strategies can organizations adopt to guarantee transparency and clarity in their AI systems? 
    • Given the growing scrutiny on data practices, how can companies ensure the ethical use of data and compliance with regulations? 
    • What measures can be implemented to successfully address bias and discrimination in AI systems? 
    • How do you balance the call for transparency in systems with the need to safeguard proprietary information and maintain a competitive edge?  

    Felix Muckenfuß, Strategic Solutions Executive, CIPP/E & CIPM 



    Rebeca Menegoli, Data Governance & Data Science 

    PAGONXT (a Santander company) 


    Alexander Yasnogor, VP Engineering Data & Finance  



    Idreece Khan, Senior Data Scientist - REVOLUT 

  • 11:45-12:15

    Presentation: Revolutionizing Traditional Industries: Emphasizing the Critical Role of a Robust Data Foundation and Effective Change Management

    Ronald Root - Head of Data and Analytics   - VAN OORD 



    • Unveiling the Power of Tradition: Exploring the strengths of established industries and how data can amplify these advantages. 
    • Demystifying Data Foundations: Breaking down the process of constructing a robust data infrastructure within traditional sectors. 
    • Striking the Balance: Strategies for harmonizing value creation initiatives with the establishment of a data-centric culture. 
    • Case Studies in Transformation: Real-world examples showcasing how data can revolutionize traditional industry practices. 
    • Navigating Challenges: Addressing common hurdles and misconceptions when implementing data-driven approaches in legacy sectors. 
  • 12:15-12:45
    Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 17.47.37-2

    More Than Data Governance – Instilling the Right Mindset to Generate Value

    Jean-Paul Otte - EMEA Data Strategy Lead - PRECISELY


    With the growing need for organizations to become data-driven and embrace AI, Data Governance is still a trending topic in the market, although it is only part of the ultimate answer. 

    In his role at Precisely and as a former CDO, Jean-Paul Otte has led multiple initiatives to drive greater value around your most valuable asset – your data. 

    Join us for Jean-Paul’s inside view on what is resonating at the strategic level that empowers teams to become more data-driven. 


    In this session you will learn: 


    • Why strategic leaders feel data governance is not enough? 
    • The guiding principles for delivering successful data program 
    • How can you break down silos with a one-stop shop for data? 
  • 12:45-14:00

    Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area // Private Networking Lunch by Fivetran

  • 12:45-14:00

    Private Networking Lunch by Fivetran: Navigating Data Transformation Hurdles in 2024: Charting a Path to Centralized and Accessible Data to unlock Innovation


    In an era where data drives innovation and decisions, Chief Data & Analytics Officers (CDAOs) are at the forefront, urging enterprises to harness data more effectively and faster than ever. Yet, data teams face significant obstacles, from disparate data sources and lagacy systems to resource scarcity, hindering their ability to deliver actionable insights and driving AI initiatives. The crux of addressing these issues lies in executing effective data transformations, aimed at centralizing and making data accessible to all. Attend our Private Networking Lunch to delve into the 2024 data movement landscape, where Data Leaders will share strategies to tackle common barriers such as stakeholder resistance and budget limitations and guide you in refining your data transformation approach. 


    In this Roundtable, we will discuss: 

    • · Defining the data transformation in 2024 – Unpacking effective strategies that adapt to the rapid rate of technological change 
    • · Examining automated data movement potential to create a cohesive data landscape across diverse channels 
    • · Deliberating different methodologies establishing a data-driven culture and unlocking the potential for proactive uses of data 


    Richard Brouwer, Principal Engineering Director  


  • 14:00-14:30

    Presentation: Maximizing Insights from Your Data: Leveraging Generative AI for Enhanced Analytics

    Roman Swoszowski - Chief Product Officer - g.IQ

     In an era where data is ubiquitously termed the new oil, extracting actionable insights from vast datasets presents a formidable challenge for organizations across various sectors. This talk delves into the transformative potential of Generative AI in revolutionizing the analytics landscape, aiming to unravel the proficiency of Generative AI models in synthesizing, interpreting, and augmenting data analytics processes. It will highlight common challenges related to data and analytics initiatives and offer recommendations on how to avoid them. Emphasis will be placed on real-world case studies, demonstrating how businesses and researchers have successfully harnessed generative AI to unearth deep insights, foster innovation, and drive strategic decision-making
  • 14:30-15:00

    Presentation: AI PowerPlay: Building High-Impact Teams & Transformative Solutions




    • With the rise of GenAI, there is now the challenge that we as data and AI leaders need to manage the high (and sometimes unrealistic) expectations towards AI. We need to find the right people and enable them to create real business value with data and AI, avoiding the risk of potential disappointment. It’s about focusing on the relevant profiles and providing an environment where they can succeed. And in the end we can also use GenAI to support us with this challenge.

  • 15:00-15:30

    Fireside chat: Decoding the Agile Enigma – Is Your Organization Authentically Agile or Simply Aspiring to Be?

      • How can organizations navigate the thin line between genuinely embracing Agile principles and merely aspiring to be Agile, considering the dynamic nature of the business landscape? 
      • In what ways do industry leaders identify and overcome the challenges associated with implementing Agile methodologies, ensuring a seamless transition towards authenticity? 
      • What role does organizational culture play in determining the success of Agile transformation, and how can leaders cultivate an environment that fosters true agility? 
      • As Agile methodologies continue to evolve, how can companies adapt and innovate their approach to stay ahead in an ever-changing business ecosystem, while ensuring authenticity in their Agile practices?  


      Timo Mühlhausen, Director of Data Driven X Factory Automation 



      Maksat Amangeldiyev, Director Fintech Analytics  


  • 15:30-16:15

    Afternoon Tea & Networking in the Exhibition Area

  • 16:15-16:45

    Panel Discussion: When Culture Skills and Leadership Walk into a Data Bar: A Tale of Enterprise Transformation

    • How do culture, skills, and leadership synergize to drive successful enterprise transformation in the dynamic realm of data management and analytics? 
    • In the context of data-driven decision-making, what specific skills and competencies are essential for individuals and teams, and how can organizations cultivate them effectively? 
    • What role does leadership play in shaping a data-centric culture within an enterprise, and what strategies can leaders employ to foster a mindset that prioritizes data-driven insights? 
    • As technology and data landscapes evolve, what challenges and opportunities arise in the journey of enterprise transformation, and how can organizations navigate this data-driven terrain with agility and innovation? 


    Jonas Dieckmann, Global Manager - Data Intelligence & Team Lead Data Engineering  



    Jochen Baumeister, Global Head of Behavioral Science & Data Science - 



    Ronald Root, Head of Data and Analytics  


  • 16:45-17:15
    Bartosch Andreas Pliszek

    Presentation: Navigating the Data Jungle: Cultivating a Data Culture for Data Driven Excellence and Community Empowerment

    Bartosch Andreas Pliszek - Head of Data Analytics & AI Strategist - BSH HOME APPLIANCES GROUP


    Dive into our exploration of the 'Data Jungle', where we unveil our vision for a future powered by data and AI. Discover how a data-driven approach is crucial for innovation and success and learn from the 8 key insights we've gathered while fostering a dynamic data culture. Experience how the excitement around Generative AI can be harnessed to inspire and motivate a deeper understanding and enthusiasm for data and AI literacy. 

  • 17:15-17:30

    Chair's Closing Remarks

  • 17:30-18:30

    Ice-Breaker Reception and Networking

  • 18:30


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  • 08:20– 08:50

    Registration & Coffee in the Exhibition Area

  • 08:50 - 08:55

    Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Gareth Farr - Head of Data Science & AI - UNICREDIT

  • 08:55-09:00

    Speed Networking – Making new connections at CDAO Germany!


    During this 5-minute networking session, the aim of the game is to go and meet two people you don't already know.  Have fun! 

  • 09:00-09:30
    markus r circle

    Presentation: Advancing to Zero-Touch Operations: Transferring Processes Towards AI

    Markus Rotter - Head of Data Science and Software Development - VODAFONE


    The digital transformation and automation of operational processes are key to future business success. Advanced analytics and machine learning are excellent tools to assist in gaining business insights. However, how can we bring them to life, acting in real-time? How can we use them to automate operational processes? What challenges are we facing, and how can we overcome them? How do we manage the cultural change in enterprises when AI takes over? 

  • 09:30-10:00

    Presentation: Establishing a Data Governance Foundation in a Heterogeneous Corporate Environment

    Uwe Klemt - Head of Data Governance - ZEISS GROUP


    As a corporate data governance function, we were tasked with establishing a company-wide data governance foundation. This includes creating a unified taxonomy, defining key data-related roles and responsibilities, determining tooling requirements, and devising approaches to measure and improve data quality. 

    In a heterogeneous corporate environment like ZEISS, characterized by a "branded house" structure, establishing a data governance foundation poses several challenges. These include varying maturity levels among business units, differing mindsets and expectations regarding federation, and diverse organizational structures. 

    To overcome these challenges, a Data Governance Program was established, driven by the central data governance function and supported by two pilot business units. Over a 15-month period, we addressed the aforementioned topics to construct a data governance framework that can now be utilized by all business units at their own pace. 

    In addition to assisting business units in customizing the framework to their specific needs, the central data governance function will focus on expanding the framework and ensuring the sustainability of the program team's efforts thus far. 

  • 10:00-10:30

    Fireside chat: From Summit to Source: Sculpting the Perfect Data Management Strategy


    Dive into the world of data management strategy with us as we unveil an approach that starts from the initial idea and goes all the way down to the practical execution. This journey involves revamping the coordination of data flows, storage methods, and accessibility, all while keeping in tune with the direction of organizational goals. Join us in this adventure that promises to transform raw data into a masterpiece of creativity, full of efficiency and enlightening discoveries. 


    • How can data management strategy be creatively optimised from the top-down? 
    • What key factors are involved in harmonising data flows, storage, and accessibility? 
    • Why is aligning data management with organisational goals essential for efficient strategy implementation?  

    Aleksejs Plotnikovs, EMEA Lead, Data Governance, Analytics and AI  



    Jonas Dieckmann, Global Manager - Data Intelligence & Team Lead Data Engineering 


  • 10:30- 11:00

    Mid-Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

  • 11:00-11:30
    Group Discussion

    Discussion Group B: Tackling Talent Hurdles in the Analytics Spectrum

      • In the rapidly evolving field of data analytics, how do you ensure your team stays ahead in terms of skills and expertise? 
      • What challenges have you faced in recruiting skilled data professionals, and how have you overcome them? 
      • How do you foster a positive and growth-oriented work culture that encourages talent retention? 
      • How does your team stay abreast of emerging trends, and how do you integrate this knowledge into your workflow? 

      Jochen Baumeister, Global Head of Behavioral Science & Data Science  




      Dr. Hiba Arnout, Manager & Team Lead Artificial Intelligence  

       MHP – A Porsche Company 

  • 11:30-12:00

    Presentation: Accelerating your Data Modernisation in the Cloud

    Alasdair Anderson - VP - PROTEGRITY


    Data modernisation has become critical for businesses that want to stay competitive in today’s data-driven world. 


    Cloud is an enabler of data modernisation, providing organisations with a flexible and scalable platform to store, manage, and analyse their data. However, many enterprises encounter obstacles, including security and privacy constraints, along the way.  


    How can organisations securely migrate to the cloud to make good on the promise of a data-driven business that accelerates innovation, AI initiatives, and business intelligence? 


    Join Alasdair Anderson, VP at Protegrity to:  

    • Understand the competitive advantage of data modernization 
    • Learn how to protect your data through a successful migration to the cloud 
    • Discover how to make data secure, yet accessible to meet business needs 
    • Walk through customer success stories of cloud based data modernisation 
  • 12:00-12:30
    evgeni h

    Presentation: Cultivating Data Democracy: wefox's Journey to Unleashing the Power of Self-Service Data Analytics

    Evgeni Hasin - Director of Data Analytics - WEFOX


    This talk will present wefox's 12-month journey to data democratisation, guided by four strategic pillars:  

    - Building, inspiring and empowering an analytics Community,  

    - Deploying a robust Self-Service Data & Analytics Platform,  

    - Refocusing delivery on highly reusable and interoperable Data Products, and  

    - Redefining the primary role of the Data Analytics team from development to enablement.   

    I'll share insights on how initiatives like establishing a DataOps team, assembling a highly engaged power-user Analytics Community, launching a one-stop-shop Data and Analytics resource hub, etc. have enabled us to do 2x more and 5x faster, with 1/4 of the capacity. 


  • 12:30-13:45

    Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area

  • 13:45-14:15

    Presentation: Riding the Wave of Advanced Analytics Marvels and Big Data Wonders

    Gareth Farr - Head of Data Science & AI - UNICREDIT

      • This session highlights how UniCredit utilises extensive financial data to enhance customer support and drive business innovation. Gareth Farr will explore the integration of advanced analytics and big data in the UniCredit strategic decision-making processes, demonstrating their impact on customer service and product development. 
  • 14:15-14:45
    Mark Z-1

    Presentation: Transforming EduTech with GenAI: Lessons from a Trailblazer



    Education stands as one of the industry's most profoundly disrupted by the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs). The IU Group has established itself as a pioneering force in this transformation, marking the first-ever confirmed large-scale impact of AI-enabled features on student outcomes. However, our ambition didn't stop there. We've leveraged our expertise in cutting-edge NLP technologies to transform the business as a whole. Curious about how we achieved this and how you can apply our learnings to your domain? Join our session to discover more! 

  • 14:45-15:15

    Fireside Chat: Data Dynamics: Elevating Strategies, Management, and Security in the Digital Age

      • Recognizing the critical role of data strategy within overall business planning 
      • Exploring the responsibilities of a data steward in maintaining data integrity and adherence to regulations 
      • Emphasizing the significance of a strong data framework for efficient data management 
      • Investigating how solid data architecture can bolster scalability, performance, and data merging 
      • Strategies for constant enhancement of data quality to facilitate data-informed decision-making 


      Vivek Nema, Vice President - Credit Suisse



      Alexander Yasnogor, VP Engineering Data & Finance  


  • 15:15- 15:20

    Chair Closing Remarks