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Chief Data & Analytics Officer,
Germany Live

4-5 May, 2021 | Online and broadcasting LIVE directly to your device

Empowering Germany’s Data Analytics Executives to Unlock Data-Driven Transformation and Deliver Business Value


Achieve Strategic Success, Deliver Business Value, and Unlock Data-Driven Transformation

This strategic, senior leader, and Germany-specific focus makes this event unique. Quite simply, this is the only conference dedicated purely to senior Data & Analytics leaders, whilst also focusing solely on the German market.

Unlike other events that have a Europe wide remit, or feature 1000s of attendees mostly made up of junior practitioners, CDAO Germany Live will gather together CDOs, CAOs, and other C-suite/VP/Director level executives to knowledge share, and learn from the collective wisdom of the exclusive group.

Attendees will gather new ideas to allow them to overcome their most pressing challenges, be they; delivering value from data, utilizing the latest technologies, balancing customer expectations with privacy concerns, transforming their organizational culture to be data driven, or more.

Why CDAO Germany Live


Hundreds of Live Attendees

Meet Senior Decision Makers From Across Europe


30+ Expert Speakers

Learn From Those At The Forefront Of Data & Analytics Strategy

meeting (2)-2

10+ Exhibitors

Explore Our Virtual Exhibition And Find Solutions To Your Challenges


On-Demand Sessions

Can't Make The Whole Event? Get Selected Sessions On-Demand


Expert Speakers Include



12.00pm - 1.00pm CEST

Invitation-Only Roundtable: How to Get Started with AI, and How to Scale?

  • What are the most effective strategies to scale up your advanced analytics capabilities?
  • Whether you are just starting, or already doing data science at scale, there seems to be demand for more
  • How can we deal with this increase in demand in a repeatable way, without losing the ability to innovate?

Moderated by:

Ingo Mariendfeld, VP, EMEA Central, DataRobot
Lukas Innig, Lead Data Scientist, DataRobot

12.55pm - 1.00pm CEST

Dial in & Welcome

Join the event platform for important housekeeping announcements to get the most out of your attendance

1.00pm - 1.45pm CEST
PANEL DISCUSSION: Where Do We Go from Here? Establishing Prominence as a Data & Analytics Leader in a Time of Uncertainty 
  • Exploring how Germany’s data analytics leaders need to evolve to survive, thrive and succeed in the 2020s - How will changing economic conditions impact the role of data analytics executives? What steps should you take now to secure a positive future? 
  • Exploring the blurring lines around data, analytics, digital, and tech leadership roles: What are the mandates and what makes for effective leadership in the future?
  • Is it true that 50% of data transformation projects fail? Why is this, what are the common reasons, and how can you avoid it happening to you?
  • How do you balance developing a strategic approach to data analytics with the need to remain flexible to adapt to the changing priorities of the wider organisation?
Moderator: Ed Thompson, Chief Technology Officer, Matillion
Christian Essling, Chief Data Officer, EON
Mirco Bharpalania, Head of Data & Analytics, Lufthansa Group
Alireza Dorfard, Head of Department, Data Services, Deutsche Börse AG

1.45pm - 2.15pm CEST
PRESENTATION: Data Democratisation and Adoption - Enabling Your People Through Data Sharing
  • Investing in the right tools is commendable but doesn't guarantee user adoption
  • How can you get your people bought into your data vision? And how can you ensure they utilise the tools and data assets in your organisation to deliver better outcomes?
  • Find out why data sharing is a crucial component for driving wide-spread adoption of data in decision-making processes
  • Learn about practical approaches to enabling your people to use data, improve processes and make progress through collaboration
Eva Murray, Senior Evangelist, EMEA, Snowflake

2.15pm - 3.00pm CEST
PANEL DISCUSSION: Succeeding in the Digital Age - How Can Data Science Leaders Play a Critical Role in Their Organisation’s Modernisation Journey?
  • One size doesn’t fit all – What does digital transformation mean for your organisation and how does this differ per business unit? 
  • How can you underpin all transformations with a foundation of data analytics?
  • How has Covid-19 accelerated digital transformation, what will be the legacy of the ‘new normal’, and what does this mean for the future of digital? 
  • As digital transformation continues to evolve, what does this mean for the role of the CDAO, and the wider data analytics function, and how can you adapt to thrive in all outcomes?
Moderator: David Bloch, Director - Data Science Strategy, Domino Data Lab
Robin Jose, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, wefox
Christiane von Flotow, Head of Data Design, Uniper Energy
Jörg Dubiel, SVP, Data Science & Intelligence, K - Mail Order
Felix Kalkum, Managing Director, Data & Analytics Competence Centre, ALDI Nord

3.00pm - 3.15pm CEST


Time for informal networking with your peers or grab a drink

3.15pm - 3.45pm CEST PRESENTATION: Smart Analytics – How to Achieve Adoption in the Modernisation Journey
  • Why a digital transformation is really a data transformation
  • How data use can be tailored to the various analytics producers and consumers
  • How to give everyone the trusted data they need and still maintain security and governance
  • Why resilience in change is the foundation of any transformation
Bill Balnave, VP, Global Solutions Engineering, Pyramid Analytics
3.45pm - 4.30pm CEST
A Brave New World - How Can We Build Confidence in Artificial Intelligence?
  • Avoiding garbage in, garbage out – How can you ensure that your data is high quality, accurate, and bias free to avoid untrustworthy models, undermined by poor training data?
  • Opening up the black box – Ensuring that decisions made by Artificial Intelligence can be explained, challenged and justified; both internally by colleagues, as well as externally by customers and regulators
  • Let’s get ethical! Building a cultural of AI accountability and ensuring ethical considerations are tackled from the start, rather than being an afterthought 
  • What considerations should be made when utilising AI to ensure you do no harm?
Gabriele Compostella, Chief Technology Officer, Volkswagen Data:Lab
Michael Kieweg, Vice President, Data ScienceMcMakler
Murat Akturk, Director, Partnerships & Innovation, Analytics & AI - EMEA, GE Healthcare
Think Fast! What does an Agile Analytics Environment Look Like and How Can We Create One?  
  • Can you have agility, without following the Agile Approach? What are the benefits to each? 
  • How can we ensure close collaboration between data scientists, engineers, IT, and business teams required to succeed? 
  • Size doesn’t matter! What can DAX listed enterprises, Mittelstand, & Start Ups learn from each other? 
  • How can we get analytics into everyone’s hands through self-service and real-time analytics?

Marc Roulet, Director, Business Analytics, XING
Fabian Sonnenburg, Director, Head of Data Management, CBRE Germany
Maximilian Bräuninger, Head of Business Intelligence, Joblift

4.30pm - 5.00pm CEST

Happy Hour Meet & Greet

Grab a drink and join your fellow attendees plus the day’s expert speakers for an informal face-to-face Q&A session on Zoom

5.00pm CEST

End of Day One

12.55pm - 1.00pm CEST

Dial in & Welcome

Join the event platform for important housekeeping announcements to get the most out of your attendance

1.00pm - 1.45pm CEST
PANEL DISCUSSION: Dollars from Data! Becoming 21st Century Alchemists to Extract Value and Monetise your Data
  • How can you ensure that the potential value of your data is fully realised in order have a meaningful impact on the wider organisation? 
  • What steps should you take communicate the value of data throughout your business? 
  • Balancing ‘quick wins’ that demonstrate immediate ROI, with longer term projects which deliver greater strategic value 
  • Is Data Monetisation the Holy Grail? What level of direct buying, selling, and exchanging of datasets are we now seeing? Is this an opportunity to derive revenue directly from your data assets and acquire alternative data to supplement internal data? What are the common obstacles? 
Wolfgang Hauner, Head of Group Data Analytics, Allianz
Soeren Lueders, Vice President Effectiveness & ROI Modeling, ProSiebenSat.1 Media
Vlad Kazantsev, Head of Data Science & Analytics, Wooga 

1.45pm - 2.15pm CEST
PRESENTATION: The Strategic Importance of Accelerating Your BI
  • The demand for fast, accurate Business Intelligence and analytics within organisations is becoming super-charged. The business stakeholders want to ask more questions of the data and get answers and insight more quickly.
  • This has been a trend that has been growing over recent years that has been re-enforced by the demand of the pandemic. Organisations need to find away to ‘democratise’ their data to accelerate the BI.
  • Peter will unpack this demand and its drivers and use case studies and examples to demonstrate how this can be done.
Peter Jackson, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Exasol
2.15pm - 3.00pm CEST
PANEL DISCUSSION: Improving Data Literacy to Drive Data-Driven Decision Making 
  • What does a successful program to upskill non-data colleagues look like in practice? How should we deliver on-going education to ensure lasting improvements? 
  • How to overcome resistance, embed the transition, and achieve lasting change in which data analytics are prime drivers of wider business strategy? 
  • Building a data-driven culture - How can we empower staff and democratise data to deliver more informed decision-making organisation wide?
  • What level of self-service within business units should you aim to achieve, and how can this be balanced with the need for security and privacy compliance? Is there such a thing as too much data democratisation? 
Moderator: Bettina Engelen, Data to Value Specialist, DACH, Informatica
Axcella Xu, Head of EU Analytics, eBay
Divya Bokaria, Head of Data & Analytics, Zattoo
Felix Kraemer, Director, Business Analysis, H-Hotels.com
Lukasz Kozielski, Transformation Lead, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Opel Bank

3.00pm - 3.15pm CEST


Time for informal networking with your peers or grab a drink.

3.15pm - 3.45pm CEST PRESENTATION: DataOps: A Paradigm Shift for Modern Data Integration
  • In the ever-evolving world of the data supply chain, you may have experienced one or more of these trends: you depend on more and more data that you can’t control; you need to provide data at the speed of new XOps; your digital transformation is happening faster than your data infrastructure can keep up.
  • A DataOps approach can help you tease order out of the accelerating chaos of modern architectures by enabling continuous design, operation and observability of your data pipelines in support of streaming analytics, artificial intelligence and smart applications.
 Girish Pancha, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, StreamSets

3.45pm - 4.30pm CEST
Give the People What They Want! How do you Balance Delivering ‘WOW!’ Customer Experiences through Data & Analytics with the Need to Respect Privacy?
  • In what ways do customers want their products and services to be personalised, and how can you best deliver that?
  • How can Chief Data Officers best partner with other departments to turbo-charge the delivery of outstanding service for all customers? 
  • What’s in it for us? Utilising personalised experiences and products to successfully boost loyalty, reduce churn, maximise spend, and deliver value to the business
  • Avoiding the ‘creepy factor’ – when personalisation becomes ‘too personal’ and starts unsettling customers – by building objections and consent into your model to avoid abusing personal data
Frank Wagner, Vice President, Business Services & Infrastructure Group Privacy, 
Deutsche Telekom
Ralf-Peter Schäfer, VP, Head of Traffic and Travel Information Product Unit, TomTom
David Yasli, Chief Product Owner - eCommerce, REWE Digital
Leo Duncan, Senior Engineer, Imply
Investing in People – What Steps Can You Take to Beat the Skills Shortage, Secure Top Talent, and Balance your Team to Best Deliver Success?
  • Overcoming Germany’s skills shortage – Exploring short-term mitigation strategies, and asking what is needed in the long-term? How can we transform today’s apprentices into tomorrow’s data scientists? 
  • Which skills are essential to a strong performing data team? What approaches can be used to ensure that these are present across the team? 
  • What key roles and responsibilities should be adopted, and how should you balance your function between them? 
  • How far is it possible to upskill current team members in order to offset the need to ‘hunt for unicorns’ who can do it all? 
  • What strategies around scaling teams can be implemented and what are your best practices?
Xavier Valero, Head of Applied AI, Dekra Digital
Ricardo Rodrigues, Global Pricing Operations & Strategies Manager, Opel
Max Effendowicz, Director, Data Recruitment, Baumlink
4.30pm - 5.00pm CEST

Happy Hour Meet & Greet

Grab a drink and join your fellow attendees plus the day’s expert speakers for an informal face-to-face Q&A session on Zoom

5.00pm CEST

End of Day Two


Why Invest your Time?


Inspiring Ideas

Our interactive and intimate format allows you to exchange innovations and knowledge in a non-competitive and collaborative environment.


New Connections


Establish new connections with 150+ CDAOs and senior data executives, whilst building the foundations for lasting relationships.



Innovative Tech


Hear from carefully-selected and highly-relevant solution providers with real case studies on how they've solved critical business challenges.

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5 Reasons to Attend CDAO Germany Live

1. Learn from the most successful leaders in the data world, and explore the strategic issues that matter to you. We have years of experience in creating data events which deliver true insights.

2. Enjoy the convenience of an online event. There’s no need to spend time & money on travelno time out of the office, and you can fit the event around your schedule, or catch up on-demand.

3. Interact with the data community’s leading lights. Our technology and live broadcasts mean you can put your specific pain points & questions to our expert speakers, and get direct, actionable answers.
4. Hear case studies from Europe’s most experienced data & analytics leaders.  Learn their actionable takeaways on what works and what doesn’t for the challenges you are facing right now.

5. All for free! There’s no fee to register, and no travel costs. All you need is access to the internet, from anywhere in the world, on any device! 



*Free passes are only available for Data/ Analytics Practitioners from all industries who do not offer as their core business any solutions, recruitment services, consultancy or offer any software/hardware solutions within the data community.

Limited Vendor / Solutions Provider passes are available here. Corinium Global Intelligence reserves the right to determine the applicable ticketing for attendees based on these guidelines.

Don't Just Listen to Us...

  • "Still one of the best analytics and data conferences that I’ve been to, with the right blend of senior speakers and insightful topics and discussions to stimulate thinking."

    Jason Teoh, Head of Business Intelligence, Openreach

  • "I really enjoyed my time there and I am already booking up follow up meetings with some of the market leading FinTech companies that were present at CDAO UK"

    Andrew Barnett, Chief Data Officer, Legal & General Investment Management

  • "It was a truly inspiring event with a multitude of occasions to share experiences and approaches on a CDO Level - very practical and rare opportunity."

    Maciej Nawrocki, Chief Data Officer, Credit Agricole Bank Poland

  • "This Chief Data & Analytics Officer, UK event, brought together leading data minds from all industries and business verticals, and enables us to step outside of our comfort zone to understand the challenges, and most importantly share solutions and practices conducted in the ever evolving world of data activation."

    Alex Timbs, Head of Data & Attribution, OATH

  • "An event with a broad spectrum of topics, presented by experts and run like clockwork. If you couple that with the knowledge you gain and the network you extend - you have a great ROI. Thanks to all at Corinium for making it happen. I very much look forward to the next time."

    Anwar Mirza, Global Head of Data Governance, TNT

  • "Why I really appreciated this event is that it focuses on bringing the participants closer to really delivering business value with the use of Data & Analytics, the best practises learned are easily & immediately reusable in everyday life for anyone responsible for data”

    Istvan Czilik, Senior Director, Enterprise Analytics, EPAM

  • "The CDAO event was brilliantly organised with great relevant discussions and presentations. The level of information and insight into the industry that you get from these kinds of events is like attending a boot camp - fast paced, exhilarating and exhausting but very worthwhile."

    Georgina Owens, Director of IT Services, Perform Group

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